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About us

Philosophy guiding the East West Education Programs:

East West Education Institute considers students to be the main focal point. Hence all programs and activities are designed in a manner that enhance their holistic development. We aim to build on what students bring from their past experiences and motivate them to achieve at a high level of excellence. Students’ previous academic abilities are considered as an asset and not a drawback.

We strongly believe that ALL STUDENTS HAVE A WEALTH OF TALENT AND A DESIRE TO BE THE BEST THEY CAN BE. The education environment at East West will provide experiences to help them achieve the highest possible standards in all spheres of their lives. Our goal is to equip students with strong critical thinking skills so that they can work to fulfill their personal goals as well as contribute to improvements in larger society.

A critical feature of the programs at East West Education Institute is to bring the best teaching and learning strategies from the west to Indian classrooms. The foreign experts are used in two ways: 1. By inviting them to the Institute for face to face contact with our students on a short and long-term basis. 2. Using the latest technology e.g. online learning and video-conferencing, our students will be taught periodically by American professors and become cohort with American students in synchronous and asynchronous environments.



1. To nurture students to become professionals with compassion for their community in all their endevours.
2. To provide a supportive environment for all students by creating a diverse, fully equipped, and career centered campus.
3. To encourage and reward faculty and student efforts in community development.
4. To create an ambience for bonding through equity, trust, and mutual respect.
5. To foster inter-cultural integration that involves students from different communities, religion, castes, and national origins.
6. To create a culture on campus that supports innovation, creativity, and team work.



Create best cadre of students who will be recognized by their professional excellence globally and be active citizens in their local communities+-

Key Features:

• Low student teacher ratio (15:1)
• On-going contact with American experts
• Free computer training for all students
• Monthly seminars on topics related to professional and personal skills
• Weekly review sessions on academic topics
• Flexible time and class schedules
• Technology equipped classrooms
• Short and long internships and field trips to professional sites
• Limited scholarships (“Earn while you Learn”)