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We believe that Indian students can excel anywhere in the world if they are given sufficient opportunities and guidance. Unfortunately much talent goes undiscovered and wasted due to lack of adequate exposure and a rich environment for learning.  


East West Educational Institute has been created to alleviate this situation in Hapur and its surrounding area.  Our intent is to make available the best of educational opportunities for students in the Institute in terms of the latest teaching techniques and learning experiences and put them at par with students anywhere in the world. We wish to bring the best from the west and combine it with the best that has worked well in the Indian education system and make East West Educational Institute a unique place for learning.


Having spent most of our lives in education in the United States of America (combined experience of over 75 years between us) we have decided to devote the remainder of our careers within India. Our familiarity goes deep down in the American system and we wish to tap into all our contacts and resources to benefit students at the East West Educational Institute.

Today, technology exists that makes it possible for us to augment teaching and learning in ways that were not possible even ten years back. We have received commitment from a number of American institutions and individuals who are willing to offer courses at East West in face-to-face teaching environment and/or online. In addition, many American students would be visiting the Institute regularly and have on-going interaction with our students.  All of this would add to a rich learning environment for East West students.  We believe that by increasing ongoing contacts of the students with Americans professors and students, the East West students would benefit in ways that are not possible in any other manner. This combined with other learning experiences would provide them a solid base to pursue further education in India or abroad and enter a profession with greater confidence and enthusiasm.

We invite you to be a part of this venture and participate in all its activities in the coming years.

  Dr. Piyush Swami
Chairman, EWEI, and
Professor Emeritus
University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH USA
Dr. Catherine Swami
Co-founder, EWEI, and
Retired Principal, and Member
Madeira Board of Education
Madeira, OH USA